Adventures in Paradise– Day 2

“There’s only one thing more precious then our time and that’s who we spend it on” – Leo Christopher

Day two in Paradise started off almost with the same grogginess as Day 1 but it was also accompanied by the another beautiful and cold sunrise (but this time we were smart and took hot chocolate with us.) Sunrises have always been a favorite thing of mine to witness. With the new light comes a new day, full of possibilities. This day’s possibilities sadly held rain, but the three of us weren’t going to let it rain on our parade!



First stop was to the Upper Falls of Tahquamenon! This venture involved lots of people and stairs, the stairs were to get a better vantage point of the river, falls and even some of the changing leaves. The stairs were worth it though, the views are spectacular! I’m already planning another trip to Tahquamenon State Park this winter so I can snowshoe around and experience it in a new season with a new perspective.

Once we left the park (you’ll notice I am really big on parks), we drove up to Whitefish Point State Harbor. Walked around killing a little time, exploring because none of us had ever been there before. The shoreline was covered in flat smooth rocks, I could waste hours walking the it and studying them. Sadly, with impending rain and a museum to get to that closed at 6:00pm, we couldn’t stay all day. Our outdoor adventure ended with a visit to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. Museum studies was my minor in college so I really enjoy them, plus learning new things is always fun. At this museum there are exhibits on ships that were lost in Lake Superior like the Edmund Fitzgerald, a lighthouse, and they even had a little movie theater which we watched a very short film on the Edmund Fitzgerald. It was a fun excision.


Rocks on the shore of Lake Superior
The Original bell from the Edmund Fitzgerald taken from the wreck and replaced with a replica engraved with the 29 men lost to Lake Superior.
The light from the Lighthouse

If you are ever in the area of Whitefish Point and want to see something historical, you should stop there. Overall, this was trip was time well spent with two of my favorite ladies. Creating memories that will last a very long time. Which in the end is the point of weekends like this. Spending time with people you care about. This is not the last trip us girls are going to have. I look forward to many more adventure with them.

Photo Credit: Kelli


Photo credit:All my own photographs except the one above.


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