Adventures in Paradise- Day One

Growing up,I never spent much time in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but now as an adult I mean to change that. So when two of my favorite adventure buddies and I came up with the idea of a weekend color tour trip. Through an endless amount of planning and figuring, it was decided that we would venture up to the U.P. at the end of September/beginning of October and explore the area around the gem called Tahquamenon Falls which is a Michigan State Park  and a crown jewel (called so by me because of its geographic location on Lake Superior) Pictured Rocks which is a National Lakeshore belonging to the National Park Service.


Sunrise on Lake Superior

Excitement grew in our trio as we got out to explore the Lower Falls of Tahquamenon. Like most tourist, we all had one form or another of a camera out to capture the park’s mesmerizing attraction.  We followed the paved paths as they turned into boardwalks taking us from one beautiful view point to another. Sadly having limited time due to having tickets for a cruise in a town two hours away, we could only spend an hour and a half at the Lower Falls instead of spending the whole afternoon.

Lower Falls of Tahquamenon, I always called them the Root Beer Falls growing up. They look this way due to the tannins from cedar swamps that drains into the river.

Two hours and a killer playlist later, we arrive in Munising for our sunset cruise (which our cruise’s time got cut in half due to high winds and the possiblity of waves 5-7ft tall!!!) If you’ve never seen the Pictured Rocks, you should. They were beautiful. The tour was only about an hour and a half and a bit cold but once we got going, with several snarky comments from our tour guide and captain, it was an educational and fun endeavor.

Grand Island Lighthouse adds fuel to my love of old things.
Miner’s Castle and lookout points
Minerals giving the cliffs their names


“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”- Tim Cahill

We covered many miles for this journey and it was definitely the people I was with who made it all worth while.




Photography: All Pictures were taken by Sarah’s Adventure Box.


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