Music in Paradise

Music expresses that which cannot remain silent and which cannot be put into words. – Hugo Victor
When going in any type of adventure or at almost anytime in life in general, I’ve found a good playlist or song can help set the tone or mood of how things are going to go (minus the hiccups that the universe decides to throw at you no matter what and see how you do). fullsizeoutput_33f6
For the Adventures in Paradise, the playlist I put together was basically a mash up. Trying to find the right mix of songs by artists who the three of us could listen to without wanting to rip our ears off or something equally as violent. I’m not sure what types of music the others would normally lean towards to listen to if given the choice but I know personally I can mix it up and be content because there is not many types of music I absolutely can’t stand (there are a few types out there though that I’d rather not listen to). If one of us was not a fan of the current playing song, they could request to skip the song.

So for this playlist, I tried to keep it up beat and something you could dance to in the car if you so chose to. It turned out to be a bit folksy alternitive (well how I would define folksy music) with lots of violins/fiddles and guitars. My biggest goal with it, other then finding songs we all could enjoy, was to find something inspirational for our trip to set the mood. I think I did pretty good. The trip was a success and one of the girls commented on how “on point” my playlist was. I really wanted something that could inspire having a good time.


As you can see from the screenshots from my phone, there was a wide variety of artists included. It turned out to be a very good mix, I look forward to mixing it up next time and see what other combinations I can come up with next for the next road trip!

What types of music do you listen to on your road trip? Do you listen to podcast? Any suggestions to add to my playlist?


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