Walking in a Winter Wonderland

When I was little, my parents, brother and I (sometimes other family members like my mom’s parents) would venture out into the snow to go coss country skiing at our local ski place which is right around the corner from where I grew up. We would spend the most of the day out on a trail, enjoying the snow, the company and the scenery. When the trip was over, we’d come back to the ski place or to the house and enjoy mugs of hot chocolate or hot cider. Though as my brother and I got older, we started playing winter sports and strayed from doing things outside in the snow.

Wraith Falls, Yellowstone National Park

This past winter, when I was interning out in Yellowstone National Park, I went snowshoeing on a short trail to Wraith Falls with some friends. It was my second time EVER snowshoeing. The two friends I went with were on cross country skis and I was using a pair of borrowed snowshoes. I realized that snowshoeing was a lot of fun for me and that I would enjoy doing it many more times. I felt like it worked me more then just skiing, plus I out grew my skis many years ago…

So, back in September I celebrated my birthday and my parents got me a pair of Tubbs Mountaineering showshoes (you can find them here). I was super excited to use them, down side of having to wait 3 months for it to snow enough to use them. But once we did, my mom got her’s out and I got mine and we went for a little walk twice around our yard and once out on a short trail behind our house. However, due to a minor incident of stupidity on my part, I fracture my left ankle in two places and now can’t go out on the trails for atleast another 2 weeks. So, I get to sit back and plan some expeditions to go out on when I am able.

In the meantime, if you are intersted in getting started snowshoeing and possibly skiing, here’s a short list of what you may or may not need to go snowshoeing and for cross country skiing:

  1. base layer top and bottom (moisture wicking)
  2. thick wool socks (I really like my smartwool socks)
  3. snowboots or ski boots
  4. snowshoes/ skis and tracking poles (which help if you need or want a little extra help balancing)
  5.  waterproff snowpants
  6. down or fleece jacket
  7. waterproof coat
  8. wool/ warm hat
  9. warm and water proof gloves
  10. scarf or neck warmer (my mom and I both have Buffs here )

I normally carry a backpack like I do for hiking with water, snacks and my camera equipment in it and maybe some extra gloves.

Photo Via Pinterst

Do you use something not on the list? What snow sports do you enjoy?


All photographs were taken by Sarah’s Adventure Box; Equipment photo is from Pinterst


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