Mid March Misadventure

“Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.”- Unknown

Sometimes during the year you just need to hit pause on life and try to re-center yourself. This is one of things things I was feeling when my cousins/ adventures girls decided that we needed a gateway weekend. All we had to do was pick a weekend and a location, make our packing lists and food shopping lists and then… wait for the weekend to come.

The Adventure Girls headed off to a new destination!

After Stef and Kelli stopped at my place to pick me up, we were on our way! Despite the horrible greasy snow, we rolled in about 9:00pm in one sassy piece. The place we stayed, The Crooked River Lodge, was BEAUTIFUL! But we could tell just how until we got up for our adventure the next day.

After we had taken our sweet time in getting ready, we were in no hurry, we ventured from out cozy hotel room out to go explore Downtown Petoskey. We brave the Michigan March to see an architectural beauty of a church revamped into an art gallery, a bunch of cute little shops most advertising handmade/ Michigan made treasures and trinkets. Mostly we went from shop to shop so our curiousity would be satified as to what did this shop have that the last one did not.

Once we explored most of the shops in the area we were walking around, we decided that we needed to some warming up, and I had said that I wanted to visit a cafe. We found a gem of a cafe! Roast and Toast. They had such a unique store front, we just had to go in and boy, were we thrilled that we did! We even went back later that day for dinner. They had good food with reasonable pricing (always a plus) delicious hot chocolates, a friendly staff, and such a quirky atmosphere in general. We even went back before we left the area. This is a place that we will visit again in a heartbeat. If you’re going to be in the area, I would HIGHLY recommend this place!

After we warmed up and enjoyed some tasty sandwiches and pinapple, we went for a short walk along the a roadside park by Little Traverse Bay where we found yet another gem, a beautiful and slightly frozen waterfall!

After we finished exploring, we headed off to Kilwin’s. For those of you who don’t know, Kilwin’s is a company that makes fudge, chocolate treats and homemade ice cream. This specific Kilwin’s offered free chocolate tours!! Sadly, it they are only offered Monday thru Friday and we arrived on a Saturday. So, we put it on a list of things to do when we revisit this area because we are not finished exploring this specific area of Michigan. Of course, we had to buy some sweet treats for later.

After we left Kilwins, we headed back to our hotel to hang out, get some snacks, start planning our next big trip and to check out the 24 hour swimming pool.

Our Adventure Scrapbook that we are slowly assembling.

On Sunday, after getting breakfast, packing and loading up the car, we checked out of our room and took a quick walk around the hotel’s gift shop. Before we actually departed from our beautiful weekend hotel, we sat by their outdoor firepit before heading back to the city to do some last minute exploring and swinging by a few places we did not check out the day before.

On our way back to Petoskey, we stopped by their state park to see if we could find a map of the park (which we did!) and see if we could drive around the park (which we couldn’t do because they still had a decent amount of snow, next time!). After that, we headed to a bakery over by the hospital called Johan’s Bakery.

I had been there before back when I was in middle school and they had amazing cinnamon rolls! So on this trip, I convinced the girls that we needed to stop by. So we did, and we were not disappointed!! We each got a sweet treat to eat there and one (or three) to go! After that we walked down by the water to check out some beautiful scenery. We went back to Roast and Toast, got some hot chocolate and tea to go and made our way back to real life.



All Photo belong to and were taken by Sarah’s Adventure Box and The Adventure Girls.


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