Snowshoeing Tahquamenon

” Nature never did betray the heart that loves her” – William Wordsworth

Tahquamenon Falls is one of my favorite places in Michigan. It’s have stunning scenery, lush plants and trees with an unbundunce of wildlife. The wonders of Tahquamenon never cease to amaze me. I find it fascinating in every season, there is always something new to catch the eye.

All packed up and ready to hit the road.

After setting off for the UP and Tahquamenon Falls, we hit a bit of a hitch. When the weather gets a bit severe, the Mackinac Bridge closes down. In the winter time, it is not uncommon to close due to falling ice or high winds. As we approached Mackinac City, an unusual scene greeted us.  Trucks hauling snowmobile trailers, semi turck and even cars were parked all along the expressway.  We exited I75 only to see more of this.  We tuned to the radio station that up dates the bridges traffic condition, only to discover the bridge had been closed since the evening before, due to falling ice.  We drove through Mackinaw City to find a place to wait and it just so happened that as we were stopped at an on ramp intersection, they opened the bridge.  Luck was on our side.  We were among the first to cross the bridge.  Our adventure was back on.

The frozen water surrounding the bridge was an stunning sight.

This was my first time visiting the Falls in the winter and it was a wonder to see. It amazes me how a couple feet of snow changes the vistas before me. Trouncing through the woods on a marked, groomed path that follows the DNR’s (Department of Natural Resources) lighted snowshoe/ski trail during the day was a new experience for me. There was no one else on the trail and very few people in the park compared to how many visit in the summer and fall.

Half way through the trail, we took a detour down to an overlook to see the Upper Falls in frozen splendor.



Once we had finished our snowshoe hike, we drove over to the parking lot at the Lower Falls and hiked down to them. The park had plowed a pathway down from the Campground Office all the way down to to the trails by the Lower Falls (this is usually the road down to the Lower Fall’s Portage campground and Day Use parking). Since it was such a warm and sunny day for the beginning of March, we enjoyed the hike down. (It was the hike back up that took its toll on us!)

It was beautiful. If you ever get the chance to visit Tahquamenon in any seaon, I would recommend it!


**All photographs were taking by Sarah’s Adventure Box**


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